had a “forced” rest day in a sense today because my committee members that would be the most helpful to talk to about the experiments i’m about to run is back from vacation today apparently, but is not available until 3pm this afternoon. so decided to push back my experiments a day (which basically = pushing back the experiment results until next week) but it’s actually a big blessing b/c i’ve needed the day to rest and catch up on my lab notebook (finished ~11:30pm yesterday and after 13 hrs in the lab i was way too exhausted to re-hash everything and write, and hadn’t eaten dinner either) as well as think about/set-up things for tomorrow.  so that’s good.  hopefully that also means i can finally sleep early/catch-up on sleep as well before this long week of PCR’s.

also slightly concerned at the fact that these cookies i’ve been eating for emergency food that i got 2 fridays ago at the con are still pretty good/fine and somewhat soft instead of either completely rock-hard stale and solid, which any other cookie would be right now, especially sitting out at room temperature without cover besides a piece of paper, or molding/going bad.  wonder if that means there was just a TON of fat in them (they were SUPER oily and soaked stuff through originally) or tons of sugar (they were sickeningly sweet at first, and probably i’m only making it through them b/c i’m only taking bites a day or so and only when i’m getting hypoglycemic) or both. or some other secret ingredient (that is hopefully not a preservative…). they come from a “fancier” cookie place around here so i’m hoping the ingredients were fresh, but who knows.

ok time to get back to work. bye!