TFW (“that feeling when”, as they say…) you can feel the warm blood just sliding out of you while you’re working… multiple times… but you can’t stop your work to go to the bathroom to wipe it off until hours later because you’re pipetting a ton of stuff into 384-well plates… life of a grad student T__T. (and yes i know that’s probably TMI, but w/e, there’s a reason not many people know about this blog, and i don’t think anyone reads it at the moment lol).  but yeah. i’m actually quite impressed that the pad held all of that in w/o any leakage, cuz i finally got a chance to go to the restroom and yeah. there was a LOT of blood there. and yeah.

and that’s my post for the day. XP

oh well actually, speaking of blood, SOMEONE *COUGH JOHN COUGH* didn’t freaking warn me about HOW MUCH FREAKING BLOOD PSYCHO PASS HAS IN IT, and freaky grotesque things… so i innocently started it on a whim last night (LATE last night, while I was ALONE, i might add…) and then had to keep watching through worse and worse stuff b/c there wasn’t a good stopping point b/c they were all gruesome death cliff hanger things ;alskdjf;laiwhet;lhiaerile. GAH. and then i had a bad dream about being in that world >.< freaky. blah.