after a long day in lab, i somehow just managed to run into a wall with my FACE. and quite hard actually. so hard i was worried i kind of broke the left side of my face, was slightly concerned about a nose break or knocking a tooth loose since i tasted blood, and definitely knew i’d messed up my lip somehow because it immediately swelled up. after trying to heal it for a bit and checking the mirror, everything else looks miraculously fine on the outside (just a headache), but definitely the left half of my lip is twice as large as the other, and there are two cuts – one on the outside towards the mouth so not as noticeable, and a HUGE contusion the size of well, basically my tooth, since that’s what made the injury. it’s basically the imprint of my left front tooth (which is sizeable) on the inside of my lip, but in bloody form. wonderful.

i’d laugh more but it hurts my lip lol. but yeah wow. people are gonna think i got into a fight.  great timing for it too – lab meeting tomorrow morning, thesis committee meeting weds, 3rd yr orientation all of thurs, and BLS training fri. and i haven’t eaten dinner yet, so that’ll be an interesting challenge. lol. it’s mcdonald’s too, so saltiness. i was so looking forward to my food too T__T.

i think that’s definitely a sign i need to clean up my place lol. i was trying to step over something and i don’t actually know what happened but i must have lost my balance somehow and SMACK went my face to the wall corner.  i’m lucky no bones broke, thank the Lord.