whoo hoo!  pretty frickin’ proud of myself. finally fixed the cracked map-holders in my car on BOTH sides, and one of the sides, I was able to figure out how to fit all the pieces together so it looks completely whole again! (besides all the tape over it lol).  let me tell you, that was NOT easy – there were so many pieces and so oddly shaped, and super glue takes patience (got some on my finger, but it’s not too bad thankfully).  took about 2.5 hrs altogether. @___@

also made blueberry pancakes out of my okara. so it didn’t rise much in terms of fluffiness, so i think next time i’ll use baking powder instead of baking soda, just to see if it changes anything, and forego the “toasting” of the okara b/c i don’t think it helped much. the taste is not bad though – everything for the most part was eye-balled, so about equal amounts of okara and flour + 1/2 tsp baking soda, plus 1 egg and some syrup that was also eyeballed, and a bit of butter. mixed, folded in blueberries, let rest about 15 min and cooked with butter. surprisingly ok tasting even though it didn’t rise and actually not lumpy at all, which is interesting since the batter was super lumpy originally due to the toasted/not-completely okara.

all in all more or less productive so far, though not much on the thesis. i did update the outline this morning though!  time to get to work.