i don’t know why drinking alcohol is thought of as the “grown up/mature” thing to do. people talk about the opioid epidemic like it suddenly crept up on us, when people have been self-medicating with alcohol and weed and such to numb away pain for ages.  why should drinking be thought of as the “cool” thing to do, when really it’s just one of many not-so-great coping mechanisms?

also from a Christian standpoint, actually shouldn’t being able to deal with our problems through placing our trust/faith in God set a better example to the world than if we just go with the flow and joke about how we need to drink every night b/c of kids/problems, etc? actually i think people who don’t use anything should be seen as stronger or more mature, since they actually experience life fully and don’t numb away or try to forget their feelings under the influence.  and i think one can better put their hope in God that way.


also there are different types of Asian Americans i’m realizing. i never really thought about it growing up because all my friends fell under the same category as me: first generation born in the states, parents are immigrants who speak broken english and have all the traditional asian values from overseas.  but there’s also AA’s that are from asian parents who were already born in the states, some even a couple generations back, and so those traditional asian values are more diluted and americanized.  then there are also asians who are adopted into american families (very common here in the south apparently), many from when they were infants or toddlers, so they don’t remember much about where they were from, but have both the influences of their american parents, but also the struggles of being not only adopted but of a different race, with whatever connotations that holds with their peers.  and these three types of AA’s i think actually end up functionally pretty different.  there are some shared experiences, but there is enough difference culturally that it might be harder to relate. especially if they’re from an area like here, where there are very few other asians/asian families around.

i wonder if the girl i talked to today (who i found out fell into the 3rd category today) even knows of/watches anime? haha is that a sad/stereotypical thing to wonder? probably a bit T__T. or how much she knows of her ethnic heritage?  i’d like to get to know her better and help mentor her if given the opportunity, but got a little daunted realizing that what i thought might be common ground actually may not be… so this might go a little differently than i’d hope lol. we’ll see i guess. no sense pre-judging anything after all! will just take things as they come. 🙂