man. pretty depressed right now. not only did the biostats clinic not help, but it made things even more confusing and hopeless-seeming.

i’ve discovered that i really dislike people who are arrogant and dismissive. i mean, i knew that already, but it’s especially difficult when you go somewhere where something is explicitly set up to be able to help you, but then you get someone who’s basically like, yeah, just do this, or just do that, and doesn’t really listen to your concerns and then at the end just tells you basically all your advisers are stupid and “should have their degrees revoked” because they told you something different than what they think… which also happens to be different from all the statistical things i’ve read so far. but anyway. also saying you “would” be helpful if you had the data or something but not being willing to help with it when offered to show the data, is kind of not helpful.

i actually remember why i never bothered checking out their biostats clinic now. it’s because i DID check it out once before, and it was the same guy, and it was the same lvl of unhelpfulness. thankfully, his shift was over while we were talking so another guy came in, who was at least willing to listen better and talk over some stuff (though it wasn’t exactly the answers i needed, at least i felt like he tried, and he offered to look through my stuff if i’d send it to him.)


i’ve basically just concluded that all i can do is do the best i can with what i have, and that’s all that can be expected at this point.