… sigh. so tired. and unmotivated. mostly just tired. i feel sleepy all the time. and it’s not exactly that i’m not getting enough sleep – at least not yet. well i guess i didn’t sleep that well last night so maybe that’s why. but i feel like i’m just kind of in this weird fog every day. i’ve heard depression kind of described that way before by my ex. er, i guess the previous ex. maybe that’s what this is.  which in a way maybe it’s being protective right now – maybe that’s why i’m so emotionally numb to what’s happened and why i basically feel over it already. i feel like i could unblock him today and i’d be fine with whatever came, but the practical side in me says i should at least wait until i’m done w/ turning in the thesis just in case lol. it’s probably part that and part the prayers people have been giving me.

sigh. just so tired and listless. no energy. sleepy. but still too much needs to be done so i know i can’t afford to sleep now. >.<