first day back in med school. wow. i know like, literally nothing. T__T. need to catch up for sure. finally got IMPACT access this afternoon, got my iPad set up, and need to buy UWorld qbank like RIGHT NOW.  i’m so behind already man.  >.<

also totally forgot my mouse was on the blink before i left ugh. so annoying.

will need to flip my sleeping schedule and start sleeping early today. actually woke up ~5am this morning, then 6am, then 7am. guess my body actually was kind of excited for today, even though i didn’t feel it.

this is also good though. thoughts about him did pop up once in a while, but for the most part, was too busy/preoccupied to think about it. and i think i’m actually pretty much over it already, which is kind of weird. i guess i really was able to make my peace with the situation, especially after sending that e-mail.  to be completely honest, of course, i do still wish that he would send some sort of apology someday, but i think i’ll forget about it even in a month or two at this rate. praise God.

ok! need to get studying or something. @___@. so much work to do!  and i need to re-submit our manuscript, and get that substance use manuscript/draft edits out as well at some point T__T. now i’m starting to understand why everyone says there’s no time to really do anything during 3rd year. T__T. it’s kind of nice in a way though. finally feel like i’m learning/doing stuff again.  i’m also pretty glad at my schedule – seems i’ll at least get a couple weekends off based on the way our call rotation falls (assuming i understood them correctly…) and with it’s cool having someone from my class (who was nice) as the upper level resident. makes things feel more relaxed.  also happened to run into one of my anatomy lab partners from back in the day after i got out today!  no idea he’s still here. he’s doing psych apparently.  we caught up a bit, and he said he’d text my upper level so we could all catch up and grab lunch someday. 🙂 i hope that happens!  it is nice being able to interact with people and have some kind of social group/teamwork again after all.