is it sad that the only place i get news is from comedy sites, because the real news is just too depressing? lol

anyway finished my first week in clerkships! phew @__@. it’s been pretty crazy. i generally wake up around 6am (my body just randomly wakes up then), and post-call day, i had to get by like 4:30am T__T. needless to say, my sleeping schedule has severely flipped haha. but i think it’s good actually – i feel more awake. just means i get SUPER sleepy/tired at night.  and i don’t usually have a lot of energy to study… or do anything else really. the good part about that i guess is there’s not a lot of down time to overthink things. the bad part is there’s not enough time to do everything i need to do. at least it’s making me slightly more efficient i guess haha. T__T

SUPER glad i get a “golden weekend” so we don’t have to go in this week 🙂