man. every time i watch this, it always brings a smile to my face.  (and i can never just watch it one time! XD)

i wish there were better quality versions out there but oh well.

i also always seem to notice something new each time.  this time, i caught a couple more dance moves that those on the sides were doing. but i also realized for the first time that this was a collab of a predominantly asian group, a black group, and a white group, each with their own very distinct styles (and somewhat arguably representative styles of a subset of each of their races). and that two of those were from the south (AL and GA), and one from the west (CA), which are basically the 3 states i’ve lived in/spent time in the most in the US (GA obviously much less than the other two, but still). what the heckkkk hahaha. so yeah. basically i love this performance even more with both of those facts. *fangirls*!

ok i should sleep now – it’s way past my bedtime. *sigh* i miss the old quest crew and being inspired and… i miss dancing.  and having a team. and performing. and… *sigh*.