just re-watched the first season of free! (fast forwarding through some parts) and T___T.  i want to be on a team.  i want to have a rival/friend.  T___T now i’m kind of sad i never played sports in middle/high school T___T.  i guess the closest was doing collegiates for wushu, but since i got injured after that first year, i never really got to compete. :\

i miss performing.

i did get to play for worship team this morning though! that was fun.

but yeah, really miss working together on a team and performing. and yes, i know i keep posting stuff like this lately.  just goes to show how much i miss it i guess.  which is weird b/c i never though of myself as liking to perform – it’s always so nerve wracking.  but when you do end up reaching the audience… it’s pretty great.