lol i think at least 3/4 of the neighbors that border my place are new residents/medical students/other students.  there has been hammering on both walls at varying times, as well as hammering/thumping sounds from above these last 2 days.  guess everyone’s trying to unpack everything as much as they can this weekend before things really ramp up haha XD

in other news, i’m totally behind on my uworld questions and studying…

and other other news, it’s kind of cool to hear veterans’ stories, and how much history they lived through (and kind of how terrible the government was to some of them…) yesterday, i found out one was around during the atomic bomb testing and they were told to specifically run under the cloud of gas @___@… another served in korea for 8 years and had a group of 36 that saved a group of 86 without losing a single person… but then their record got lost so they never got commended for it.  and then the subsequent stuff they experienced there cause them to drink for 42 years, 14 of which they were drunk straight every day and almost committed suicide… until the drinking caused a seizure and convulsions and he was deemed that he would die within 6 hours due to pancreatic and kidney failure… and then God saved him and he hasn’t smoked or drunk anything since.  freaking amazing.  can’t help hoping some other people i know could turn their lives around like that… :\

he also surprised me after i finished taking his H&P by saying “I’m glad it was you.”  He must have seen the surprise in my face, because he followed it up with “You seem like you really know what you’re doing, and you’re really thorough about it.”  That was surprising, and kind of touching.  It does feel a little weird as my current knowledge/skill level certainly doesn’t warrant that kind of confidence, but if it made him feel cared for, then I guess I’m glad.

oh yeah, there was one good thing about staying there late yesterday! found out one of the interns has been feeling the same way i have about our team, so that was kind of reassuring.

anyway. gonna try to get some more studying done today.  bye!