whoo hoo!  pretty frickin’ proud of myself. finally fixed the cracked map-holders in my car on BOTH sides, and one of the sides, I was able to figure out how to fit all the pieces together so it looks completely whole again! (besides all the tape over it lol).  let me tell you, that was NOT easy – there were so many pieces and so oddly shaped, and super glue takes patience (got some on my finger, but it’s not too bad thankfully).  took about 2.5 hrs altogether. @___@

also made blueberry pancakes out of my okara. so it didn’t rise much in terms of fluffiness, so i think next time i’ll use baking powder instead of baking soda, just to see if it changes anything, and forego the “toasting” of the okara b/c i don’t think it helped much. the taste is not bad though – everything for the most part was eye-balled, so about equal amounts of okara and flour + 1/2 tsp baking soda, plus 1 egg and some syrup that was also eyeballed, and a bit of butter. mixed, folded in blueberries, let rest about 15 min and cooked with butter. surprisingly ok tasting even though it didn’t rise and actually not lumpy at all, which is interesting since the batter was super lumpy originally due to the toasted/not-completely okara.

all in all more or less productive so far, though not much on the thesis. i did update the outline this morning though!  time to get to work.


also free comic book day was today. yay.


edit: wait kaji yuki voiced lyon too?!?! whatttttt.  (and also that other piano guy in your lie in april apparently? 0.o) and i forgot he did kenma, alibaba, and melodias as well. dang he’s a main character in a lot of series 0.o.

edit2: WAIT freed is voiced by junichi suwabe?!?!

edit3: … WHATTTT?! temari = edward elric?!?!

(if you haven’t guessed, i’m going through youtube vids of “which other characters does this character’s VA voice?”/”so and so characters – but can they sing?” lol.

also kushina = makoto from sailor moon 0.o (not sure if it means the original or crystal but i’m assuming it’s the original).  it’s kinda funny cuz they’re similar characters.  also… why is minato’s singing (at least in this vid) is so rock and roll it’s weird LOL. it’s like tatsuya’s VA.

… wait… asahi = sousuke = junpei?!?! WHATTTT. and LOL b/c those are all the senpai characters (well sorta… sousuke is kinda technically a peer but just acts aloof and better etc). wow.  it’s just funny b/c they’re all sports anime characters haha.

murasakibara = momotaro mikoshiba in free?! holy crack there’s even MORE overlap btwn the shows than i thought!

… the former team captain of teiko is the same VA as byakuya?!?!

geez i’m finding out so much lolol… and that’s kinda a similar role as well.

AHAHAHAHA reo is actually gajeel?!?!?! that’s SO DIFFERENT! and it’s HILARIOUS b/c gajeel, even for his character songs, sucks at singing, but another of his songs (that’s more in his voice range i guess? tenor) is actually pretty good XD. that’s actually really impressive though – he injected a lot of gruff into gajeel’s voice (after having heard his real/normal voice in a kurobas event before, it’s pretty darn impressive lol).

also a lot of the same anime names keep popping up for all these series (like multiple voice actors are in K project apparently, and Bungou stray dog, a decent amount are in black butler, and there’s probably a couple others but yeah. interesting.

so um… you know how people say if you stop exercising, your muscle becomes fat?

well… today, i found out that’s literally possible.  apparently C2C12 cells can “transdifferentiate” to adipocytes if you prevent its differentiation to muscle cells (e.g. getting rid of myoD). @___@.  one of today’s talks also showed you can actually not only transdifferentiate it to adipocytes, but you can also transdifferentiate it into brown adipocytes if you also knock-down PPAR-gamma in the cells. what.

though i’m not sure what the implications of that are really, because you’d think that from a metabolic standpoint, muscle is still better than any type of fat, brown or not…

today’s been a pretty good day. oddly woke up a couple hours earlier than expected, especially given how late i ended up sleeping. sent some messages last night to him about how if we want to keep our boundaries and relationship clear, then we need to stop talking until either i can get over him, or he finally decides to seriously explore the reason for the break-up in the first place (our religious differences).  afterwards, i felt a really strong sense of peace, and woke up this morning pretty peaceful as well. it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, so i know that was the right decision.  which is really interesting b/c just yesterday, all throughout the day, i was missing him really badly.  he had responded part-way, saying he understood and respected my decision, and wasn’t ready to go through the in depth search yet, and that he would message later. i don’t think he will, so i just went ahead and said yeah, i know, that’s up to him, and thanked him for understanding. told him my feelings and said my goodbyes. and i feel ok. a little wistful maybe, but overall, i’m feeling pretty happy, like i’ve finally closed a chapter of my life and can move forward.  praise God.

it probably also helped that the weather was nice today – it was bright and sunny, but with a slightly cold breeze-y wind – one of my favorite CA type weathers. 🙂

i will admit i am still checking my phone to see if he has read my last messages (i don’t expect an answer – i guess part of me just wants to know that he’s seen it, as a final closure to this situation). but given it’s around 12am there now, i’m guessing he won’t see it tonight, especially if he hasn’t fixed his home internet yet.

but yeah, it’s a good day for a new start. 1st day of May – didn’t even know think about the date until this morning. it’s taken a full ~4 months, but i think i’m finally able to move forward.

also just saw that my article is no longer an “advance article” and is now officially published i guess for the may issue haha. yay i suppose XD.

it’s a new day. a new week, new month. time to stop thinking about this and start focusing on writing and graduating!

just finished watching obama’s last correspondent’s dinner speech, which is appropriate maybe, since this year’s just happened (saw it in my newsfeed).  sigh. i can’t believe we went from someone that eloquent, intelligent, and caring about the american people to what we have now. T___T. it’s really quite depressing.


also i’m gonna put these here finally since it’s been a tab i’ve been wanting to post forever, but here’s the series the daily show did on gun control, back when john oliver was apparently a part of the daily show:  part 1, part 2, and part 3.  i really don’t understand how people disagree on having even just background checks or a 1 hour waiting period to buy guns… and that they would be unwilling to look at data and see how much of a change is possible given what happened in australia. what the heck. sigh. then again, given where the state of things are now with “alternative facts” and such… i guess i shouldn’t be that surprised.  truly, some of the signs during march day really speak to how i (and so many others) feel about this administration and time in our lives… “i shouldn’t have to be marching for FACTS.”

random thought of the day – i wonder why people like eating fruit cold. fruit is so much better when it’s room temp so you can actually fully appreciate the juicy sweetness, texture, and aroma… when it’s cold, all you really taste is like cold flavored water, b/c everything is dulled and it’s just cold watery stuff.

i also don’t particularly care for flavored water, but a lot of people do, so maybe that has something to do with it too…?

huh. with the latest post about 13 reasons why on my fb, i’m starting to realize more people are reading things i post than i thought. (or maybe because so many people were commenting, it started showing up on other people’s newsfeeds?)  anyway, it’s kind of a weird feeling. now i feel a little self-conscious lol (like, how many people are looking at stuff i write @__@?) well. i hope that means that i at least have interesting content on there, or that they feel like i’m someone they can trust to talk about hard issues with…

watching the daily show’s april 17th episode and… i gotta say, it’s a pretty weird feeling to on the one hand, be thinking about all that needs to be done for graduation… and on the other, to wonder whether i, or the world, will even make it that far given how much our current president is screwing up foreign relations that we might all die before then. T___T.  just said a prayer for our country/world. T__T. may God have mercy on us all.

sooo, i’ve been having quite a decent amount of neck pain over the last two days… and my friend brought up a point that i hadn’t considered, but might actually be true… he said i might have had a mild concussion. 0.o so i looked up the symptoms, and you don’t have to have lost consciousness to have had one, and neck pain actually is a symptom, along with headaches and such, which i also sort of have so @___@ did i give myself a concussion?!?! LOL. wow.

random thought of the day

you know, i wonder if sailor moon and anime really was the reason i never cared much about gender or felt less than because i was female like so many people talk about. i didn’t think much of being a tomboy or liking to hang around guys more, and whatever. i  just saw another video today about how growing up, this woman “never read a story about a girl who took her life into her own hands.”  but i feel like a lot of the ones i saw did – sailor moon is a classic example of the flip side of the superhero with the girl support character for love interest.  sailor moon is the one who always does the “dusting” and the one given the role of getting rid of the villains.  and even the disney renaissance era that everyone makes fun of, which luckily came out during my childhood years, i still think of as a revolution in that time. ariel, jasmine, belle, mulan… all of these showcased a teenaged girl who made her own decisions that were contrary to that of what society, and even family, wanted them to be and do, and they sought their own path.  yes, they all found love in the process (though mulan didn’t marry hers until mulan II, and he’s not a prince, but i guess neither is aladdin :P) but to me, those stories were about adventure and believing in yourself and doing the right thing, even if that goes against the status quo, and eventually all of them were able to bring about a change in people’s thinking for the better.  ariel’s was her belief in humans not being as bad as merfolk thought, jasmine’s was against arranged, loveless marriages and wanting to be free from the confines of the law/royalty, belle obviously loved books and learning, and showed it’s what’s inside that counts more than the outside, and mulan of course was protecting her family (and country) and eventually proving that women can fight just as well as men (or better/more intelligently!). so to me, being a girl (other than the practical nuisances of monthly issues, and the thought of future pregnancy, and the fact that we tend to have less muscle mass/strength) was not really a detriment, or anything i gave much thought to.  so in a way, maybe anime/animated movies actually were protective in that sense.

hm.. now i kinda wanna do a study about that… 😄